Provides information and networking opportunities for adults with ADD/ADHD.
A nonprofit organization focused on using technology for social good, including initiatives for people with disabilities.
Black and Dyslexic Podcast
A podcast exploring the experiences of Black individuals with dyslexia.
California Department of Education
State department responsible for public education, including resources for students with learning differences.
A nonprofit education research and development organization focused on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to make education more inclusive.
Center for Developing Minds
A clinic serving students with learning differences and other developmental issues in the Bay Area.
Child Mind Institute
Provides testing and support for students and adults with learning differences, offers family and community education, and conducts research on interventions.
Children's Health Council
Children's Health Council, offering services for children and families, including those with learning differences, ADHD, and autism.
Eye to Eye
A mentorship program pairing kids with learning differences with college and high school mentors who have similar experiences.
International Dyslexia Association
A nationwide grassroots movement by parents advocating for better dyslexia support in schools.