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Your Donation Goes a Long Way in Helping Students with Learning Differences Succeed

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Your tax-deductible contribution to The RILEY Project, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, empowers students and young adults with learning differences. The RILEY Project empowers students and young adults by providing opportunities for agency and self-expression through compelling storytelling initiatives. Additionally, we are actively scouting locations in the Bay Area to establish inclusive in-person groups. These gatherings will offer a safe space for those with different learning styles to share experiences and support an educator/therapist. As we strive to fulfill our mission of fostering understanding and cultivating a sense of belonging, we are committed to building robust partnerships to amplify our impact and outreach. Together, let’s create an inclusive and nurturing environment for those with diverse learning needs.

Your support is essential in making a difference. Join us today by donating (Tax ID: 88-4294367) and empowering students and young adults with unique learning styles.

Together, we can make a positive and transformative change in their lives.