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Mariah’s Story

At age 12, Mariah experienced a brain injury that affected her speech, and we are grateful that she decided to share her journey through the education system with The RILEY Project today. Mariah also has Broca’s aphasia, which is the loss of the ability to express speech, specifically leaving one with limited language skills, caused […]

Thalia’s Story

Meet Thaila. Her unique journey of learning differently and understanding how her differences shape her is precisely the kind of story The RILEY Project is eager to share today. Thaila’s experience sheds light on the challenges and triumphs faced by individuals with learning differences, providing valuable insights into the world of education and self-advocacy. Do […]

Adam’s Story

Adam’s story showcases the strengths of schools designed for students with learning differences. We are grateful for Adam to share his experiences with the education system and how his learning differences have shaped him as a young adult.

Maha’s Story

Meet Maha, a person with ADHD who was born in Oman and attended a private school that did not cater to her specific needs. She started feeling different from her elementary school peers and described her experience as if she had not “taken a life class I was supposed to attend.” Maha struggled with self-esteem and remembered being in elementary school, choosing to read instead of socializing with other kids, and struggling with her mental health.

Ben’s Story

The RILEY Project is excited to share Ben’s story as it will help students and young professionals understand how learning differences can be used to support the 1 in 5 who learn differently. Please consider sharing your story with The RILEY Project. Read Ben’s journey in his own words – responses have been edited for clarity.

Riley’s Story

When I announced The RILEY Project’s launch in January, I received incredibly positive feedback. However, a natural question arose, why would you start a nonprofit at 22? Why would you want to give back in this way? The question has guided my work and the storytelling I am trying to convey with the project. I am thankful for those who have contributed; their stories have already impacted those who learn differently. In answering the question at hand, I must go back and reflect on the journey and remember the people who shaped me. 

Elaina V.’s Story

Elaina’s story is about perseverance amid an education system not set up for students with learning differences to succeed. Her experience grounds her in pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Diagnosed with Dyslexia at age five, Elaina was enrolled in Charles Armstrong School, a small private school focusing on students with learning differences in Belmont, CA. 

Shellan’s Story

My name is Shellan Saling. I have many identities including being a ginger, a runner, an athlete, a rock climber, someone who is lived abroad, someone who likes help others, an occasional public speaker, and a person who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).